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The Great Puppet Horn provides cultural critique as only cardboard stuck to stick can with up-to-the-minute commentary on everything from the global finance to polar bears. The Great Puppet Horn are Jeremy Bidgood and Lewis Young with script editing by Léonie Hamway. Jeremy and Lewis are comedians, animators and puppeteers who dreamt up The Great Puppet Horn over a mutual love of puppets and laughing at people in authority. Jeremy is also an award winning director. Lewis is also an animator for TV and film and bears a passing resemblance to an evil Roger Federer.

The Great Puppet Horn is produced by Pangolin’s Teatime an award-winning puppet company. Pangolin’s presents new writing through experimental and traditional puppetry working collectively to devise shows and create spectacular puppets and sets. Pangolin’s has performed and created puppets across the country from the Royal Festival Hall in London to the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.

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